NXNE Comedy, years of yuks

Comedy has been an essential part of NXNE for most of its almost 25 years. Top acts like Mark Maron, Martha Chaves, Dave Foley and Lucy DeCoutere have all appeared at the festival as well as thousands of other great comedians.

The NXNE Comedy Tent, programmed by Toronto's legendary Comedy Bar,  has been a highlight of the festival the last two years. The Comedy Tent moved to NXNE's Yonge Street Festival Village for three days of free fun, June 15 -17 as part of the festival's three day shutdown of the street. NXNE's music stage was just south of Dundas on Yonge while our laf-tastic Comedy Tent was just north of Queen on Yonge. Dozens of amazing comedy performers played to packed audiences throughout the festival's three days on Yonge.

NXNE Comedy Tent performers in 2018 included: Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Gillian Bartolucci, Pat Macdonald, Danny Polishchuk, Jason Allen, Jackie Pirico, James Hartnett, Emie Vincent, Hannah Lawrence, Ryan Long, Rahil Shaikh, Nour Hadidi, Claire Belford, Daniel Woodrow, Kate Baron, Brandon Ash Mohammad, Hoodo Hersi, Natalie Norman, Jess Beaulieu, Cara Connors, Joel Buxton, Kris Siddiqi, Marito Lopez, Jarrett Campbell and many more.

Our NXNE Comedy Tent performers in 2017 included: Martha Chaves, Cathryn Naiker, Paul Thompson, Alisha Brown, Big Norm, Chantal Marostica, Marito Lopez, Nigil Grinstead, Michael Balazo, Sara Hennessey, Eric Johnson, Claire Belford, Keith Pedro, Courtney Gilmour, Brian Ward, Mark Debonnis, Rachelle Lauzon, Alisha Brown, Garrett Jamieson, Helder Brum and many more.




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