The Pursuit of Happiness

MOE BERG (The Pursuit of Happiness) Garrison, Thursday, June 22 – A certified hit maker, Moe Berg fronts legendary Canadian power pop band The Pursuit of Happiness and is one of the country’s top producers. He’s just finished touring with all-star band, The TransCanada Highwaymen which includes: Berg, Chris Murphy (Sloan), Craig Northey (Odds) and Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies).


Billy Talent

IAN D’SA (Billy Talent) Horseshoe, Thursday, June 22 – Ian D’Sa first played NXNE in the 90s with his Mississauga-based band Pezz. A name change later, Billy Talent packs arenas around the world, headlining at Yonge Dundas Square in 2013. D’Sa writes and produces hits for Billy Talent as well as other leading Canadian bands.


LEAH FAY (July Talk) The Baby G, Tuesday, June 20 – July Talk front woman Leah Fay’s explosive live performances have helped fuel this band’s rise to the top of Canadian music. Fay and bandmate Peter Dreimanis mobilized young voters in the 2015 federal election with their July Talk Votes campaign. Fay is also an accomplished actress.


Raina Douris, The Baby G, Monday, June 20 – Raina Douris is already a Canadian radio legend. After starting as intern at the Edge in 2009, Douris became the morning show host at Toronto’s Indie 88 for years. She took over as CBC Radio 2’s host for Radio 2 in the Morning in 2016 and appears on CBC TV’s Music Backstage Pass. Douris has an expert’s ear for up-and-coming Canadian musicians.