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 Festival Village


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Club Land


So Many Artists, So Little Time

June 7 – 16, 2019

Discover curated new music across Toronto’s iconic music venues—all for the low price of an NXNE wristband.


Game Land


Three days of high-stakes eSports and full-on gameplay.


June 7 – 9, 2019

NXNE’s hugely popular Game Land, one of Canada’s leading eSports events, kicks off the festival each year with online tournaments and a weekend of live gaming and eSports. This year, professional gamers and talented amateurs competed for cash prizes in person and online through NXNE’s Twitch channel.


NXNE Talks



June 12, 2019

NXNE Talks brings together cultural and community leaders to discuss ideas essential to Canada’s music and gaming industries. Previous NXNE Talks have featured: Patti Smith, Johnny Lydon, Peaches, Gza, Fab Five Freddy, Melissa Auf der Maur, Marc Maron, Oliver El-Khatib and hundreds more.

2019 Talks schedule coming soon!



June 12

Rivoli, 334 Queen St W.

Doors 11:30AM // FREE

Talk #1

Creating spaces: DIY culture & the driving forces behind inclusive events

A sprawling landscape of disappearing venues is at the forefront of our city's nightlife - or so it seems. Dig a little deeper and you will find numerous leaders that are carving out their own spaces in untraditional places, and everyone's invited. This panel will dive deep into the work that goes on behind the scenes of creating these communities, the hurdles that organizers face in doing so, and how this is altering the shape of Toronto's nightlife.

Moderated by Tao-Ming Lau - Blue Crane Agency

Chippy Non-Stop - Intersessions, Pep Rally & so much more
Ebyan Abdigir - Ahay, producer of Blackout Eid
Nala Ismacil - Ahay, producer of Blackout Eid
Mark-Che - RUDE Collective


Talk # 2

Diverse voices in the music industry: getting heard and recognized

The music we consume has always drawn from a plethora of backgrounds, cultures, identities and human experiences, but the industry mechanisms that market and monetize it has diluted and censored its visionaries and creators for decades. Finally, long overdue change is underway! Now is the time to prioritize dialogues that makes us think, to question norms, and demand inclusivity; to hold and create safer spaces, and to celebrate the unique, diverse, and formative perspectives of our peers. How is the music business evolving for the better, with 2SLGBTQIA and BIPOC industry professionals and artists illuminating an equal share of a market they generate so much revenue for? An important discussion featuring professionals who have lived it and see a brighter, stronger future ahead.

Moderated by Nadia Elkharadly - Addicted Magazine

Linda Bush - Cadence Music/Fontana North
Bobby 'Valen' Beckett - Luminato/YDS/Pride & more
Jeff Paterson - Just For Laughs
Hua Li - Rapper/Artist


Talk #3


Music Consumption: A how, what, when, where, why of the way fans interact with music in the modern world.

It's no secret that the people's relationship with music nowadays is much different than how it used to be. Evolving formats and developing technologies have had an impact on how fans are consuming music & music culture. Music is more accessible than ever in many different ways, and there's so much more opportunity for artists to connect with fans. From live performances, to streaming services, to print & digital media - it's a whole new game for both creators and consumers.

Moderated by Mar Sellars - Mar on Music,

Erin Carroll - Cadence Music Group
Tyler Budd - A.Side
Chris Wilson - Drake Hotel